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This is almost like the houseblend. A perfect cup of balanced coffee all organic. It koncist of THREE different beans. Wonderful as filter. The base in it is a COLOMBIAN bean from the Huila area and the Café Origin group. The café origin group is a group of smallholder producers located in the southern region of Huila Department. The farmers have been implementing consistent organic farming practices for many years. Their goal is to produce high quality certified beans to supply the international specialty market and become the leading supplier in organic coffees from Huila. In order to professionalize their services they have already set up a small quality lab where they regularly analyze their own and even other coffees. So far, we can definitely tell that their efforts in providing an excellent cup have paid off. Paired with their holistic approach towards sustainable business development this family company appears to have a bright future ahead.

Second coffee is from RWANDA and the kooperativ ‘Abakundakawa’ which means ‘those who love coffee’ and is a cooperative that was established in 1999. Since then, the coop has made significant and lasting changes within their local community, including providing all members access to health insurance and cows since 2007. When a cow has a calf, it is given to a different member. This both improves family nutrition and provides the potential for a small additional income by way of selling excess milk. Rushashi is one of two coffee washing stations connected to the cooperative. The membersare mainly female as the coop started as a way to support single-parent families. The northern province is where most of Rwanda’s coffee is grown and is warm and dry. Red sand covers everything on the way up there.

The last coffee is an ETIOPIAN from This coffee is from Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU). Bokasso and Hunkute coffees have always amazed us with their unique flavor complexity and brightness. They are both from the Sidama Cooperative Farmers Union, and located in more-or-less the same area. By default they are always different than most other coffees we are buying. The washing station sits in an area with extremely high altitude compared to most sites in Sidamo. They have proven over time their ability to consistently produce great coffees. The challenge with these coffees is that they are closed and tart immediately after harvest and can take several months to open up. When cupping fresh coffees, it can be hard to see this.

Roasted very careful as a medium roast towards a lighter medium that you might be use to. This is a round and smooth coffee that intend to fit after lunch, dinner, afternoon coffee, morning coffee, yes everything. But still it's a coffee that doesn't taste "ordinary" but bring something extra to the table sort of speak. (340gram)

Origin: Columbia "Huila", Rwanda "Abakundakawa", Ethiopia "Sidamo"
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1400-2100meter
In the Cup: Pleasant fruity acidity, slightly winey, tropical fruit acidity,  Jammy rich and bold fruit. Mature berries, raisins, mango, complex and characteristic.


Kaffe - Levereras både som hela bönor eller malet (340gram). Består av kaffe från Columbia "Huila", Rwanda "Abakundakawa", Ethiopia "Sidamo" som jag rostar till  ett medium rostat kaffe men aningen mer åt det lättrostade hållet än vad ni kanske är vana vid. Ett kaffe som är väldigt runt och trevligt, passar till både lunch, middag, eftermiddags fikat etc. Men sticker ut tillräckligt mycket för att kännas speciellt och användas för att få ett unikt kaffe som sticker ut. (340gram).

Whole Bean / Filter grinded
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